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Knits for Little Scamps contains simple and wearable knits for children aged 2 to 10 years. The book has been published in Danish as a paper book (named Strik tip Banditter) and in English as 2 e-books – Knits for Little Scamps – volume 1 and 2.

In total the book(s) contain(s) 21 design with clean lines and lots of happy colors.

The 2 Knits for Little Scamps e-books each have 11 patterns. Click on Design above to take a closer look at the designs.
The pattern for the little Æggi (Eggy) toy is in both Volume 1 and 2.

Some of the patterns in Volume 1 are charted. These do not have line-by-line instructions for the charted parts.

The patterns in Volume 2 that are charted do have line-by-line instructions for the charted parts.

Knits for Little Scamps is the result of collaboration between knitwear designer Signe Strømgaard and her two children, Aksel and Nova.

Signe Strømgaard has been working as an independent knitwear designer since 2010. She has published many designs for both kids and adults in both Danish and English. In Danish she has worked with the yarn company Filcolana, creating designs in their yarns, she has contributed to the book Strik – huer, vanter, strømper og pandebånd, and to the magazines Maries Ideer and Hendes Verden. In English she has had several designs published in Knitty, Twist Collective and Petite Purls. she has also self-published patterns via Ravelry for a number of years.

Signes designer profile on Ravelry

Signes website and blog